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Donderdag, 13 december 2007


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How Mixfreaks started

A long time ago, somewhere back in 1998 a number of mixfreaks gathered together in the usenet group: nl.muziek.


02-98, the BabySoft Megamix mailinglist was made by Dennis Slagers and this list was running at a 486DX2 computer. This computer ran: GIGO, Listserv and some BBS software under OS/2. Through an MS-DOS window messages where retrieved with UUCP from ISP XS4ALL.


Purpose of the Mailinglist

Find the best recordings of the Radio Veronica Grandmix made by Ben Liebrand from 1983 ~ 1992.

More and more freaks exchanged their recordings and talked about mixes, remixes, 12" etc. Broadband was not available. 33k6, ISDN were the higest speeds available.

Slowly the BBS scene disappeared and Internet became more popular. The mailinglist got his own domain under mixfreaks.com after this name was created by Maurice 'Poing' Steenbergen. We lost the mixfreaks.com domain and we had to turn back to our UUCP ListServ gateway.

Than Julius Thyssen pointed us to 'OneList'. Onelist became Egroups and that became Yahoogroups.

Mixfreaks.org and mixfreaks.nl were registered and used for all kinds of webpages and services.


In the early days the mixfreaks wrote about 800 to 2000 messages a month !.

The online Mixfreaks Community gathered attention and Ben Liebrand created the Collector Edition CD Series. And together with Radio 538 the Grandmixes were rebroadcasted again in a 'Directors Cut'.

The history of mixing has been written. The community is online through, MSN, ICQ, Torrents, P2P, and other services created to share the love for mixing.


Mixfreaks has about 700 members. DJ's, Listeners, all are present and welcome. The year 2003 was a year where we could notice that music and mixes attracted more and more people and radio stations to broadcast mixes made by the DJ/Mixers

2007 and further: the community is growing slowly and the mix-level of the DJ's in the mailinglist who are making mixes is very very high. In 2008 we will have our 10 year Anniversary !! .. 10 Year mixfreaks

Ik heb heel wat verschillende opleidingen en studies gevolgd. Het merendeel van deze studies waren vooral theoretisch. En hoewel de aangeboden lesstof zonder meer interessant te noemen was merkte ik dat ik toch meer iemand van de praktijk ben. Dus heb ik het roer volledig omgegooid en ben ik een opleiding gaan volgen waarbij theorie en praktijk hand in hand gaan. Ideaal voor mij en wat deze opleiding nog leuker maakt is dat je op verschillende momenten in de opleiding een periode van stagelopen hebt. Er zijn verschillende vormen van stages, maar het stage lopen bij een startup was wat mij betreft bij uitstek de leukste en interessantste stage tot nu toe. Het is namelijk een stage waarin je een grote mate van zelfstandigheid krijgt toebedeelt en hierdoor leer je de praktijk pas goed kennen.


Record companies are invited.



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